On 22 November 2019 C3D Kft organized a mini-workshop with the participation of 12 people from the member-organisations of the Hungarian Fusion Technology Platform (MMTP) and interested organisations.  C3D Kft reported on its experience in the design of ITER cabling while GEMS Kft outlined its developments for cable looms for ITER. To expand the knowledge base of MMTP Tamás Fekete from the Centre for Energy Research talked about knowledge in materials obtained in relation to nuclear power plants. Two organistions interested in joining MMTP spoke about their background. AQ Anton Kft. has extensive knowledge in special manufacturing processes while Cerntech Kft has products and development capabilities for high speed data transfer.

Presentation of C3D Kft.
Miklós Palánkai speaks about ITER cable loom technology developed by GEMS Kft.
Presentation on nuclear technology by the Centre for Energy Research.
Special manufacturing technologies by AQ Anton Kft.
Digital data transmission solutions by Cerntech Kft.

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